Women in Dev

Ep 6. Eva Tabbasam on women, peace and security

March 31, 2022

Welcome to our sixth and final episode of season 1.

As Ukraine and Russian peace negotiations begin this week, the absence of women has been notably present and for many in the feminist space, an indication of the lack of consideration of Ukrainian women’s needs in the process.  

Evidence shows that the participation of civil society groups, including women’s organizations, makes a peace agreement 64% less likely to fail. Yet, only about seven out of every ten peace processes still did not include women mediators or women signatories. Why do women continue to be left out of these important negotiations?  

To discuss the opportunities and challenges of women’s involvement in conflict resolution, we’re joined by Eva Tabbasam from Gender Action Peace and Security (GAPS) UK. GAPS are a membership organisation that works to hold the UK government and wider international community on their commitments to women and girls in conflict areas worldwide.  

Here is a link to the helpful two-pager we discussed on Ukraine and how other organisations can best support women and women’s groups there.  

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