Women in Dev

Ep 5. Rachel Firth’s reflections on building a network and hopes for the future of WID

February 28, 2022

Welcome back to the Women in Dev podcast - we hope you’ve had a good month. 


This month marks two years since the inaugural WID conference where over 400 delegates from across the international development space came together to discuss and put forward a different vision of the sector; one built on justice, equity, and with feminist principles at the heart of it. 


Since then, WID has grown to become a home for reimaging what a feminist and progressive international development sector could be - hosting events and webinars, running a jobs board and helping to foster partnerships across the space. 


So for this month’s episode, we’re looking inwards at what it’s been like building the WID network since the conference, what we’ve gotten right, and where we still have to grow. For it, I’m joined by WID founder Rachel Firth. Rachel is the Managing Director of GOC and has over 15 years + experience working with clients on national and international projects in the Gender and Global Health space.


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